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Hotel Jaipur Marriott has come up with the unique initiative to put up a Christmas tree made of reused, recycled and up-cycled material. The giant tree uses material like – paper, cardboard, ribbons as well as other Christmas and stands tall in the lobby of the hotel. Jaipur Marriott decided to go greener than an actual pine tree this year. Instead of cutting down a real tree or buying a plastic one. This was informed by General Manager, Hotel Marriott, Ms. Monica Suri.

Ms. Suri further said that while one absolutely adores the holiday season, the extremely detrimental effect the holiday has on our environment is usually ignored. Large amounts of wrapping paper, cards, fake Christmas trees and tinsel flood the trash bins and add to the burgeoning waste in the landfills.  This Christmas the hotel pledges to Reuse, Recycle and Go Green!

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