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On the last day of the 4-day Fire Art Exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Artist Ajit Kumar presented a live demonstration on ‘Fire Art’. The artist showcased the process of fire art on a painting of a tiger made on canvas. First, the artist enhanced the outlines and stripes of the tiger prepared from wood sawdust with the help of a blowtorch and other tools. The artist informed that the entire painting is prepared with fire flame. It is then left to dry.

Artist Ajit Kumar said that he got inspired to take up the concept of making this fire art from the kitchen. He buys blow torches from abroad to make his paintings and uses special plywood for the artwork. Giving tips to the audience, he said that the fire art painting should never be done in the open or with too much light around. Special precautions should be taken while working with fire tools, he added.

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