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The training for theatre trainers for the forthcoming ‘Junior Summer Programme’ has begun. As many as 22 facilitators are receiving training for the theatre workshop which will be a part of the programme. The 5-day training programme will end on 12 May. The training workshop is being conducted by Co-Founder, Yellowcat Theater Co. Delhi, Mr. Sukhesh Arora.

Mr. Arora said that it is important for the trainers to understand the children’s psyche in order to curate the perfect workshop for them. They should be able to create a holistic, fun and healthy learning environment for the children to receive their training. During the training workshop, the facilitators will use various methods  like  drawing,  colouring, sketching and playing various ice-breaking games to allow their imaginations to run wild and their spontaneity to sparkle through.

It is to be recalled that the month and a half long program ‘Junior Summer Programme’ will be held from 15 May to 30 June this year. The programme will feature various short workshops focused on teaching the children varied nuances of music, dance, storytelling, filmmaking, musical instruments, printmaking and theatre. For the first time, the children will also have the opportunity to participate in a film orientation workshop and learn ancient printmaking techniques like monoprint, linocut and screen-printing.

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