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The much awaited ‘Junior Summer Programme’ of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) began with ‘Visual Stories’ workshop. Around 20 children of age group 8 to 16 years are learning how to convert their observations, expressions and imagination into a story. The workshop is being conducted by journalist and avid photographer, Dr. Tabeenah Anjum.

Talking about the workshop, Dr. Anjum said that the aim of the workshop is to merge photography and writing to create stories. The children will use their imagination to look at a picture and weave stories around it. The first day of the workshop focused on orientation. In order to cultivate their observation skills, the young participants were shown 3 pictures themed ‘Desert’ and asked to write a short paragraph on each photo. On the final day of the workshop, the children will showcase their individual photo stories in the form of a scrapbook. The book will comprise of a story narrated through photographs.


Around 20 facilitators are undergoing training for the theatre workshop which will be a part of the summer programme. The 3-day training programme will end on 12 May. The training workshop is being conducted by, Performing Arts expert, Mr. Suwarn Rawat of Theatre in Education Company of National School of Drama.

Mr. Rawat said that the aim of the workshop is to help the trainers escape the conventional methods of teaching. They need to break stereotypes and step away from bias and prejudice in order to experience and create something new. During the training workshop, the facilitators participated in various activities of introspection to better understand their inner and outer selves. They also performed several mimicry exercises and shared their life experiences with each other.

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