Jaipur, 13 January: In a series of sessions—Twice Told Tales authors and translators come together for intimate readings of their new works including Roberto Calasso’s Ardor, his latest meditation on ancient Indian philosophy in Italian, English and Hixndi; Vivek Shanbhag’s Ghachar Ghochar a revealing glimpse into middle-class urban India; and U.R. Anantamurthy’s seminal Bara depicting the devious realities of Indian democracy.

Are Mahasweta Devi and Rabindranath Tagore responsible for seeding the translation process between India’s diverse regional languages? In Translation: A Case Study in Literary Exchange, a panel including

Radha Chakravarty, Naveen Kishore, Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee, Guillermo Rodríguez and Reba Som gather to discuss this idea.

Ten writers, translators, academics and readers including Sujata Sen, Dhrubajyoti Bora and Christoph Senft and several international speakers present the ten best translated works from South Asian languages that they have read in the last decade in 10/10 Reading South Asia in Translation.

Even as major book awards open up to literary translations, the dynamics of cultural politics continue to influence perceptions. Why do authors still dream of being translated into English and how is English the universal currency for literary exchange? These are all hot topics explored in Politics of Literary Translation with speakers including Francesca Orsini, Naveen Kishore, Rumena Buzarovska, Arshia Sattar, Naveen Kishore, Mrinal Pande and Deborah Smith.This discussion is followed by the Vani Foundation Translation Award announcement, in association with Teamwork Arts.

A cross-section of publishing houses from the India, South Asia and Asia Pacific regions will pitch their forthcoming translation lists to other publishers, media representatives, book reviewers and books page editors including Urvashi Butalia, Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee, Ravi Deecee and Ambar C. Chatterjee in a session called At Home in the World: Media interaction.

The importance of providing children with first language learnings in their local mother tongues is discussed in Reading in the Mother Tongue: Talking Children’s Literature. Leading publishers and experts talk about nurturing and encouraging young minds to read in their mother tongues where cultural contexts and frames of references are familiar as opposed to alien to them.

JBM to delve into the Digital Era

The rise of digital is once again addressed in a variety of sessions including Digital Content: Binaries of Empowermentwhich explores the vast digital knowledge resource that online platforms provide a new generation, as well as the crucial role of translation in making this accessible across the world.

With the emergent language of digital imagery, through the interventions of technology and popular taste, graphic and visual elements have been returned to story-telling. Katha to Comics: The Evolution of Visual Storytelling in Indiaexplores the ancient oral and pictorial narrative legacy of India which has found new resonance in a variety of innovative formats.

Publishers and graphic designers from across the world discuss the importance of covers, images, text and typefaces in bringing narratives to life in print and electronic media in Design and Graphic Identity: The Print and Digital Imagination. This will be followed by Oxford Bookstore Book Cover Prize Announcement with Priti Paul, Dayanita Singh, Aman Nath, Alka Pande and Namita Gokhale.

Power-packed session with international delegates

A high powered EU delegation including Roman Simic, RumenaBuzarovska, ElunedGramich, Inga Zolude, ZaneteVevere-Pasqualini, Alexandra Buchler and Claire Azzopardiexamines publishing opportunities and collaborations in Literary Europe Live in India 2017.

A focus on international practice will be shared through the participation of a high level Australian delegation at Jaipur BookMark, as well as a session on the global issues around copyright and intellectual property rights with experts from Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia and India.

Sanjoy K. Roy, NamitaGokhale and William Dalrymple from the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival will be hosting a Round Table of Festival Directors and Lit Prize Directorsfrom across the world at Jaipur BookMark to discuss their vision and agenda.

JBM to address the rapidly changing publishing industry

A session on brick-and-mortar bookstores in the age of e-books, Celebrating Booksellers: Curating Reading Lists, sees representatives from iconic bookstores across India and the world highlight the role of engaged booksellers in stimulating reading choices and curating book lists for online and offline audiences.

The art of promoting books in today’s complex social media-driven world is discussed in Algorithms of the Indian Market. Bestselling authors, business development experts and marketing strategists from the Indian book trade share their success formulae in this session on understanding the algorithms that unscramble the dynamic Indian market.

Charlie Redmayne, CEO Harper Collins, AnanthPadmanabhan and Cate Blake, Urvashi Butalia, Naveen Kishore take part in a conversation about the recent and radical transformations of the role of publishing and curating content a technology-driven society in Publishing Perspectives: Goals and Signposts.

Spotlight: Trends in Media and Publishing brings Sahapedia, an open online resource on the arts, cultures and heritage of India. “Saha”, Sanskrit for “together with”, is an invitation to explore the richness of India’s cultural landscapes together.

The Digital Empowerment Foundation’s aim is to end economic poverty and social backwardness through the simple expedient of ending information poverty by empowering marginalised and information-dark communities with digital literacy, access to digital tools, and to usher in information-rich knowledge societies through the Internet and the digital revolution. A series of presentations launch The Asymptote Journal Launch & discussion Granthika.com presentation on reinventing writing and reading for the digital age by Vikram Chandra. The Bombay review: KartikeyaBajpayeeSamudra Basu presentation on archiving author resources an open online resource on the arts, cultures and heritage of India.




Jaipur BookMark: The Book in all its Dimensions

In 2014, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival began an important new initiative: Jaipur BookMark. Conceptualised as a B2B segment, JBM is held parallel to the main Festival and provides a platform for publishers, literary agents, translation agencies and writers to meet, talk business deals, listen to speakers from across the world and perhaps even sign the occasional contract.

The fourth edition of Jaipur BookMark moves to the Festival Hub of Diggi Palace and will continue to serve the publishing industry. Kicking off on 18 January, JBM 2017 opens with a full day of programming followed by sessions, presentations, master classes and award announcements during the main ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival between 19-23 January.

Translation will remain our prime focus at JBM 2017 and we are very excited about introducing the literature of India’s eastern states of West Bengal, Assam, Manipur and Orissa to a wider audience. The Jaipur BookMark Global Translation Rights Catalogue 2017 will also feature writing from this region.

For more information, please write to us at:jaipurbookmark@teamworkarts.com


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