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Digital media is fast emerging as a popular platform for writers. Instagram is not only quite popular but is also simple and easy to use and understand.  Instagram also gives one the benefit of engaging with the readers and conveying stories and perceptions in the most creative and interesting mannerisms. The digital platform also proves to be beneficial in analysing the demographics of the reader such as age, gender and location. 
This was stated by French author, Thomas Cadene in a talk on ‘Comics and Graphic Novels: New Forms, New Media’ held today evening at the Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK). The talk was organised by French Institute in India in association with Jawahar Kala Kendra and Rajat Book Corner. 
The author also drew parallels between digital and paperback novels highlighting that the new media has given the reader community a completely new experience. Digital comics on platforms like Instagram act with crisper visual representations and are easier to grasp and follow through and require much less time. 
Mr. Cadene also shared that it is a challenge to write and produce a graphic novel. One has to work and coordinate with several illustrators.  As far as the readers are concerned, one can only guide them and not control the perceptions since there are only dialogues and no other context apart from an illustration. He also added that people unwilling to pay for the digital novels is also a major drawback. 
The conversation was an interesting insight into the world of digital media and new ways to revive the comics. Also present during the session were French author, Joseph Safieddine and Representative of the French Institute in India, Romain Camus

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