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Both strategy affairs expert, Maroof Raza and Army Veteran, Major General GD Bakshi gave a thumbs up to the recent decision of the Union Government to abrogate Article 370. They were speaking at a session with the Entrepreneurs Organization Jaipur members at ITC Rajputana. The session was moderated by Mr. Navneet Mathur.  The President of EO Jaipur, Mr. Uddhav Poddar and Learning Chair, Mr. Vivek Lodha were also present on the occasion.

Raza said that finally it has been decided by the present Union Government that to solve the problem of Kashmir, it is important to solve the problems in Kashmir. He said those who are raising dust on the manner in which the Article 370 was abrogated should remember that even when it came into being it was through a Presidential Ordinance and not through a Parliamentary Discussion.  However, he cautioned that the Union Government in future should not change the status of any other state in the manner in which it has been done for Kashmir.

General Bakshi opined that for the first time since India’s independence, India has made a strong and a pro-active decision on Kashmir. Till now, it had only been taking reactive and firefighting measures. He pointed out that the Article 370 still remains but its Sections 2 and 3 have been removed. The Section 1 remains intact.

General Bakshi said that first and foremost, the Government will have to take pro-active measures to de-radicalize the valley. In reply to a question, he justified the number of forces which have been deployed in the state. He said this was the optimal level and was required to maintain peace and avoid violence.

In reply to a question whether it would be feasible for entrepreneurs to set up projects in the newly created Union Territories – he replied one could begin with investment in Ladakh and even Jammu. He cited examples of solar projects as well as eco and tourism projects.


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