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As a part of the 4-day ongoing International Textiles and Apparels Fair, ‘VASTRA’, a ‘Designer Wall’ had been set up for budding designers. This new component had been added to the fair for the first time. Over 20 stalls were a part of the wall to display, exhibit and sell their products. The main objective of the wall was to encourage small startups to bring their products to the masses and keep their businesses afloat.

These stalls were exhibiting products like womenswear, menswear, babywear, bags, accessories, jewellery, eco-friendly candles, home furnishings, among others. It is worth noting that these businesses are involved in encouraging and motivating women from the developing sections of the society by offering them employment. These women who would otherwise be unsuccessful in finding jobs have been given an employment opportunity. Many of these start-ups are also involved in manufacturing and wholesaling their merchandise to international and domestic locations.

The highlight of the ‘Designer Wall’ was a stall by ‘Shri Ganesh Savam Sahayta Samooh’. They are involved in manufacturing and fabricating ladies garments and made-ups.  With a manufacturing capacity of 6000 pcs per month, the ‘Samooh’ is known for offering employment to ‘Grameen Mahilaaye’ (village women). This organization has 35 sewing machines and employs over 30 women. These women are responsible for training their successors in the art of apparel design and stitching.

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