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The documentary, ‘The Land of Ahimsa’ by Dolly Vyas Ahuja and lecture by Pareen Sachdeva were presented at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK). The documentary is being shown across 16 cities of India from 11 August to 11 September.

 ‘The Land of Ahimsa’ is the first feature-length documentary that brought one on a journey to understand the origins of ‘Ahimsa’. The documentary featured experts on environment, nutrition, spirituality and advocacy who illustrate the importance of ‘Ahimsa’ in action in India with the intention that this will resonate across the globe. The documentary followed Dolly Vyas Ahuja, granddaughter of freedom fighter, Mr Chhaganlal Joshi. She brought the audience along to ‘The Land of Ahimsa’ as she returned to her homeland after having discovered the power of ‘Ahimsa’ through her transition to a vegan lifestyle.

The documentary focused on encouraging viewers to stop the consumption of dairy products and meat in their daily lives and switch to a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle. It threw light on the huge wastage of dairy products and the sacrifice of innocent animals carried out as a part of religious practices. The documentary inspired the viewers to adopt a lifestyle filled with compassion and kindness towards animals by truly understanding the meaning of ‘Ahimsa’.

Ms Pareen Sachdeva, is a Ph.D. scholar from TISS, Mumbai and serves as India Lead at Climate Healers with a passion to protect animals and the environment. Her home bakery ‘Lactose Free Goddess’ delivers vegan cookies across the country. Her lecture, ‘How We Can Live Life as a Happy Vegan’ was a part of the screening. As a vegan living in a non-vegan world, she shared how one is faced with situations where one needs to place their own peace ‘Before All Else’. Dr Sachdeva shared lessons and anecdotes on how she practised living life as a happy vegan, and others can too. Apart from this, she is also bringing the ‘Compassion Tour’ to India and teaching one how to live life as a happy vegan.

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