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 In life there is much unknown and every time one encounters the unknown they are scared, confused and insecure. Astrology helps with inner-knowing and understanding ourselves. It tells us how one will respond when put in a difficult situation. When one understands themselves better, they can understand the world better. In this manner, astrology is our own user manual guide to life. This was stated by Vedic Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor & Theta Healer, Ms. Medha. She was addressing a live chat on the IAS Literary Society Facebook page. She was in conversation with Secretary, Department of Art & Culture, Government of Rajasthan and Literary Secretary, IAS Association, Rajasthan, Ms. Mugdha Sinha.

Ms. Medha further said that the age of 28-29 is crucial for all in terms of becoming more mature and aware of the world around us. In astrology, one becomes an adult at this age. Mars which is the planet of action matures at 28 years of age. Whereas, Saturn which is the planet of discipline returns to its position during the time of one’s birth. From this point in life, one starts to progress. As Mars settles into maturity in 30, this is the age people generally get married or have children. As years go by planets mature more and more. At the age of 35- 36, Saturn matures and by this point, one has generally figured out life, career, relationships, etc. This is considered the age of enlightenment.

Lending insight to the present COVID crisis, she said: “Viruses, epidemics and pandemics are very Rahu-related. It is a vague, mysterious and unpredictable entity. As a vague timeline, we are looking at a minimum of one year before things can settle down and bring in some relief. It will be impacting all aspects of our lives. By the end of September, we shall see more hopeful news and positivity in this regard.”

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