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As a part of Jawahar Kala Kendra’s (JKK) ongoing ‘Online Learning – Children’s Summer Festival,  art enthusiasts enjoyed a visual arts session on ‘Watercolour Painting’ by artist, Mr. Ram Jaiswal. The session was aimed at artists of all skill levels who wished to explore and learn the various techniques of water colouring. Following this, a visual art online learning session was held on ‘Pichhwai’ by artist, Mr. Dinesh Soni.

Watercolour Painting by Ram Jaiswal
The day began with an online learning visual arts session ‘Watercolour Painting’ by artist, Ram Jaiswal from Ajmer. Viewers learned different application techniques, colour mixing, and understand the various materials that are required for this art style. The artist gave a brief introduction to water colouring as an art form and shared its history with the viewers. Watercolour painting spread widely in the 18th century in Western art. Artists like Turner and Constable were at the forefront of creating remarkable art forms.

The artist went on to paint a simple landscape painting. He first painted a background using very subtle tones in blue and yellow ochre colour. He explained that transparency and impression are key in water colour painting and colours move from light to dark. Colours used in nature tends to reflect the blue of the sky and the yellow of the sun. One should remember to add a lifeform in their painting as this completes the work. Dark colours should be added in the end in the center of painting and never on the sides. While adding shadows, one should remember not to make the shadow darker than the object as will can disturb the painting, he advised.

Pichhwai by Dinesh Soni
Following this, a visual arts session on ‘Pichhwai’ was conducted by artist, Dinesh Soni from Bhilwara. It is a large devotional painting, made on high-end cotton cloth, which portrays Shrinath Ji, Radha-Krishna and Krishna Leela. Colours like red, blue, green, black, white, orange, among others are used in a ‘Pichhwai’ painting. The artist went on to sketch Shrinathji’s face. He mixed white, blue and black to create the shade to paint Shrinathji’s face. He explained that one needs to protect the white areas namely the eyes, nose, beard and ornaments. Once the paint dries, one must double coat to give the painting a finished look. Black colour can be used to outline. Shading must be done using a dry brush and keeping the brush flat on the painting surface, he explained.

Programme on Tuesday, 9 June
On Tuesday, 9 June, the viewers will witness a visual arts session on ‘Oil Pastel Work on Paper’ by artist, Tirthankar Biswas from 10 am to 11 am. The session will teach step-by-step techniques to create illustrations.

Following this, a visual arts online learning session will be held on ‘Mandana’ by Vidhya Devi Soni. The session will be held from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. It will focus on drawing designs, materials used to create the art form and much more.

It is to be noted that the online learning session will be Live on JKK’s Facebook page on

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