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Around 1500 students from as many as 15 schools and 3 colleges of Jaipur participated in the 22nd edition of the ‘Indian Birding Fair’ at Man Sagar Lake. The 2-day fair saw students enthusiastically take part in activities like interactive open-air sessions, bird watching, tattoo and face painting as well as quiz and painting. The Fair has been organised by Tourism & Wildlife Society of India (TWSI).

 On the occasion, President, TWSI, Mr. Anand Mishra said that the Fair has been an initiative and opportunity for the students to see migratory and home birds and learn about their significance in the environment. TWSI has always worked towards the preservation of endangered species and threatened habitats.

Honorary Secretary of TWSI, Mr. Harsha Vardhan said that the fair is campaigning for the conservation of as many as 84 species of wader birds found in the Indian subcontinent. Some of these birds include – Black-Winged Stilt, Red-Wattled Lapwing, Jerdon’s Courser, Spoon-Billed Sandpiper, Small Pratincole, Little Ringed Plover, among others.

Also present on the occasion were – wildlife filmmakers, Mr. V.P. Dhar and Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky; President of CHEC- INDIA, Prof. T.I. Khan; Dr. Lata and Ms. Priyanka Mathur of IIS University; Dr. Sunita Shekhawat of Kanodia College and Ms. Prerna Jain and Mr. Varun of Jaipuria College.

It is to be recalled that the Fair is being supported by Jaipur Zoo, Hem Chandra Mahindra Trust, WWF, AU Bank, Trimurty, JMRPL and some overseas organizations.

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