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A 3-day Hindustani classical music event entitled ‘Dhruvpad’ began at the Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK). The first day witnessed a musical concert where Pt. Praveen Kumar Arya and Pt. Prem Kumar Mallick performed Pakhawaj and vocal recitals, respectively.

The concert opened with a ‘Ganesh paran’ by Pt. Praveen Kumar Arya. He also presented numerous compositions based on ‘Aadi taal’ and ‘teen taal’ with ‘Laya’ of ‘Tishra’, ‘Mishra’, ‘Chatushra’, ‘Khand’ and ‘Sankeern’ ‘Jaati’. In the compositions ‘Sada paran’, ‘chakradhar paran’ and ‘kamali paran’ were also included. Pt. Arya also presented his Guru Raja Chattrapati Singh Judeo’s composition of Gopucha Paran which mesmerized the audience.The performances were followed by vocal recitals by Pt. Prem Kumar Mallick who performed various raags which left the audience spellbound.

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