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Smart City in a Box is an innovative approach to implement smart cities. Traditionally implementing smart cities has been complex, in-efficient and time consuming due to the complexities of integration of several urban solutions. Quantela’s Smart City in a Box, is a pre-integrated solution which is aimed to make smart city implementations simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Quantela’s Atlantis Platform powers the intelligence behind Smart City in a Box that uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to provide key recommendations and insights to city administrators. It enables city administrators to proactively monitor the city services, improve efficiency of the urban infrastructure and also increase monetization opportunities through the city services.

Quantela is leveraging Cisco Kinetic for Cities (CKC), which is a platform available for on-premise deployment or cloud deployment to run its Smart City in a Box solution. Smart City in a Box will offer several leading urban services solutions like Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Environment, Safety and Security and Transport solutions through a single platform. This replicable, easy to deploy solution helps reduce the implementation time and cost of projects considerably.Apart from smart cities, Smart City in a Box caters to smart communities and smart campuses.

Quote from Quantela spokesperson – “Smart City in a Box accelerates the time- to-implement while whittling down the cost & effort and at the same time maintaining the quality and outcomes”.

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