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Rajsamand MP Diya Kumari today raised the issue of cheating with the general public in the multi-crore scam done by the Adarsh Co-operative Society in the budget session of Parliament and demanded to get back the investors’ deposits with interest.

The MP raised the issue of the fraud committed by the Adarsh Co-operative Society under Rule 377 in Lok Sabha.  She said that an investor invests in an institution with the trust for a better future. The scam done by the institution not only affects the investor but also the society at large. Diya Kumari further said that lakhs of investors from different states of the country who deposited crores of rupees have been cheated by the Adarsh Co-operative Society.

Diya Kumari added that even in her parliamentary constituency, Rajsamand, lakhs of people have been affected by such cases. Therefore, keeping in mind the trouble caused to the investors and the general public, investors should be provided relief by taking strict action against the Adarsh Co-operative Society.

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