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When a sick patient gets well and goes home and the family is very thankful, that is where we draw our inspiration. We just wake up, dress up and show up each day. This was stated by Consultant Pulmonologist, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital in Jaipur, Dr. Shivani Swami. She was lent her insight to understanding the second strain of Covid-19, use of certain medicines and drugs for treatment, the significance of vaccine and post-Covid recovery. She also said that in these troubled times one should not forget the huge contribution of the nursing staff who are the actual underpaid, overburdened and under-recognised heroes of the pandemic.

Dr. Swami said that someone who has just gotten afflicted should contact their doctor and if advised get tested. During the course of the illness, get the prescribed blood tests done. Do not rush to get a CT scan and unnecessarily expose your body to radiation. In the second week of the illness, closely monitor oxygen levels and temperature. Eat well and lie prone multiple times a day 45 mins to 1 hour each time. If the oxygen level drops below 92, consult the doctor. Post-recovery, one should focus on their diet, practice deep breathing exercises, and work on oneself to get better. Diabetic patients should control their sugar levels. Vaccines are the only answer to the current pandemic. For those who have gotten both shots their disease severity is much milder and they recover easily.

Talking about the second strain of Covid-19, she further said that the second strain is way more contagious than the first one. Many young people are getting very sick and there is a lot of severe lung involvement. Patients are requiring oxygen sometimes as early as the 5th or 6th day which was not the case in the first wave. Drugs like Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine are almost on their way out as per the new guidelines. However, most of the guidelines are based on studies done overseas not looking at the Indian strain or the Indian patient. So every doctor here is deciding as per their own experience. “No country can provide healthcare for all their citizens at one go, as is the present situation. However, we could have been better prepared”, she said.

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