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Jaipur’s St. Jude India Childcare Centre

Birthday of a cancer patient, Sonakshi was celebrated at St. Jude Child Care Center in Jaipur. Her parents came to Jaipur for her cancer treatment from Bassi in Rajasthan. She has been staying at the Centre from 19 June. Sonakshi was ecstatic to be cutting her cake with her parents and friends by her side. All present families and staff members had a great time. The programme concluded with snacks and refreshments for all. Each birthday celebration at the Centre is much looked forward to and celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by all the children.

About St. Jude India Child Care Centres

St. Jude India Child Care Centres (St. Judes) currently runs 33 Centres in Mumbai (22), Delhi (4), Kolkata (3), Hyderabad (1) and Jaipur (3). In major cities of India where low cost cancer treatment is available, children who need treatment for cancer and their parents come to hospitals from distant towns and villages. St Judes provides families of patients with free of cost housing, nutritional support, transportation to and fro the hospital, counselling for the family and new skills for income generation, educational and recreational activities, art-based therapy, music therapy and yoga.

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