An English adaptation of Premchand’s short story ‘Bade Bhai Saheb’

Jaipur, 3 November: As a part of the weekend theatre and cultural activities at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK), a play ‘Big B’ will be staged on Saturday, 5 November. Scripted and Directed by Dr. M. Sayeed Alam and Niti Sayeed, the play is based on Munshi Premchand’s Bade Bhai Saheb. 

The play narrates the story of  two English-educated-Hindi-speaking brothers, the studious ‘Kamta Prasad’ and sporty ‘Samta Prasad’. It revolves around History and Hockey, Geography and Gilli Danda and chemistry and cricket. The play is also a contrast between natural brilliance and inherent dullness. It focuses more on the learning of English and the struggles of those who didn’t grow up speaking it. The play is also the first of its kind in terms of the language used —  ‘Broken English’.

A production of Pierrot’s Troupe, ‘Big B’ will be staged at 6:30 pm at Rangayan Auditorium. The entry to play is through tickets which can be obtained from JKK’s office.

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