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On the 7th day of the ongoing ‘Online Learning – Children’s Summer Festival’, viewers witnessed the second day of the ‘Jaipur Kathak’ sessions with Kathak exponent, Namita Jain. The session focused on revising their previous day’s Kathak teachings and further learning the intricacies of the Jaipur Gharana style of Kathak.

The session began with a 10-minute revision of what the viewers learned in the earlier session. This included – the various ‘Mudras’, ‘Teentaal’ and ‘Tatkaar’. Following this the artiste began the session with Tatkaar (Footwork). In this she demonstrated ‘Ekgun’, ‘Dugun’ and ‘Chaugun’. She concluded the session with a display of ‘Saada Tode’ in Taal Teentaal.

Tomorrow’s Programme on Saturday, 23 May

On Saturday, 23 May, the final day of ‘Jaipur Kathak’ will be conducted by Kathak exponent, Namita Jain. The session will focus on a thorough revision of the previous classes. This will be followed by several variations of ‘Tatkaar’ and ‘Saada Tode’.

It is to be noted that the online learning session will be Live on JKK’s Facebook page on

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