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‘Abhas’ – A tactile art experience workshop

As many as 100 students took part in ‘Abhas’ – a tactile art experience at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) today. The workshop was conducted by DAG Modern in association with Heritage Architect, Mr. Siddhant Shah of Access For ALL. The art education and outreach workshop was a part of the ongoing Printed Pictures Exhibition at JKK.  

The workshop was attended by students of Umang School, RNKS Blind School and Sheth Anandilal Poddar Deaf and Mute school. The participants were taught using Braille Tactile Paintings, Large Script Fonts and Sign Interpreters. The objective of the workshop was to make the art exhibitions accessible and disable friendly. With tactile reproductions, the workshop aimed to break the barriers and make art accessible and experiential for all.

In order to make the exhibitions disable friendly, the differently abled will be allowed to “Touch” the prints in an art gallery where one generally is not allowed to touch. Participants were also introduced to various print making techniques and briefed about the historical background of print making in India. This is the first phase of the workshop sessions. DAG Modern, Siddhant Shah and JKK have chartered out various art educational workshops for school children and young adults.

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