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Deeply fascinated by nature and especially animals, Harshi Agarwal, a doodle artist  from Jaipur, has created an art installation to spread awareness about wildlife co-existence. By creating doodle art relating to wildlife such as animals, trees, plants etc. on a car, Harshi has made a one-of-its-kind art installation. Aptly entitled ‘Accommodate’, the installation gives the message that the earth does not belong to human beings alone and there is a need to accommodate other species as well.

Talking about her work and the objective behind it, Harshi Agarwal says: “Everyone should make a concerted effort to improve the dire situation that our planet is currently in. It can be through time, money, making lifestyle changes or even educating others.  I use my art to depict both the beauty and the vulnerability of the natural world, raise awareness for conservation issues and encourage others to consider how they too can make a difference.”

It is worth noting that Harshi Agarwal is one of India’s first professional doodle artists. She is also an art entrepreneur and organizes art workshops and events. Her company ‘Brushes n Strokes has worked with several companies and organizations such as UNICEF, Asian Paints, Akshay Kumar Productions, Viacom 18 etc.

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