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While Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) open up new vistas of opportunities, they also lead to new forms of challenges, threats and violence including sexual exploitation and abuse of children. In India there are stringent preventive measures to deal with online child sexual exploitation and abuse. This was stated today by MP Rajsamand, Diya Kumari at the 32nd Session of the Forum of Women Parliamentarians held during the 143rd Assembly of the IPU at Madrid in Spain.

The MP further said that India had enacted the Information Technology Act way back in 2000 and it was amended from time to time. It prohibits publishing and transmitting obscene material in electronic form and also prescribes penal provisions for violation in different sections of the Act. She also highlighted the IT Intermediaries Guidelines Rules, 2011 as well as the POCSO Act.

Diya Kumari further said that only legal provisions and their strict implementation are not enough. Other strategies are needed to empower children to understand their rights to protect themselves from online sexual exploitation.

The MP also elaborated on the importance of understanding the different needs of girls and boys.  Our approach must be sensitive to the unique position of young girls in these challenging situations. Awareness should be created both among children as well as their parents – both at home and in schools.  New collaborative approaches must be devised to protect them from the invisible enemy, she added.

On Thursday night, Diya Kumari also attended the welcome dinner hosted by the Indian Ambassador to Spain. Shri Sanjay Verma and Smt. Sangeeta Mata Verma for the delegation of parliamentarians representing India.

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