Press Release
[6 – 7 December 2016, Jaipur]

Jaipur, 03 December: INTACH’s Heritage Education and Communication Service (HECS) is launching the Heritage and Citizenship programme – JAGO which aims at promoting heritage awareness and conservation as good citizenship values.

The programme will begin with a Heritage and Good Citizenship Training Workshop for over 40 representatives (Convenors and senior members) from 19 INTACH Western zone chapters on 6 – 7 December 2016 at Jaipur organised by INTACH HECS with support from INTACH Jaipur Chapter. The list of INTACH west zone chapters (attending the workshop) along with a workshop agenda (with session-wise training details) is enclosed.

The workshop participants comprising of senior INTACH representatives from 19 chapters i.e cities of the western zone (Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan) will utilise the workshop learning (including, the heritage and citizenship handbook, ‘Jago’ along with other resource material developed by HECS) to train teachers, societies and students in schools, colleges or communities about heritage and good citizenship initiatives within their respective regions.

The resource persons are Dr Rima Hooja[Member, National Monuments Authority (Govt. of India); Director, MSID India Program of Minnesota University (USA), and Managing Trustee of the Jaipur Virasat Foundation]; Mr P K Jain [Built Heritage Conservation Consultant and retired official Government of Rajasthan,  Executive Engineer Archaeology Department; Director, Institute of Traditional Building Arts and Rajasthan Institute of Conservation of Cultural Properties; Executive Director, Amber Development and Management Authority, Jaipur]; Mr Vivek Sharma [Managing Director, Living Stone Projects and Founder, Srishti Foundation for environment awareness]; Mr S K Verma I.F. S. (retd.)[Advisor, INTACH]; Gp. Capt. Pathak[Director, Chapters Division, INTACH] ; Ms Purnima Datt[Principal Director, INTACH HECS]; and Mr Vimal  Chaudhary[Advocate, Rajasthan High Court (Bench), Jaipur]

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