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All industries have been affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but no one has taken care of the handicraftsmen and their condition is only getting worse. In these lean times, Rajsamand MP Diya Kumari held a virtual meeting and interacted with the prominent handicraftsmen of the State along with the ‘Pichhwai’ artists of Nathdwara.

During the virtual meeting, the artistes demanded that they be provided immediate financial assistance from the State and Union Governments, as is provided to the farmers. MP Diya Kumari assured all possible assistance to the artistes and to make the State and Union Government aware of their problems. The MP said that efforts will be made to make handicrafts available online in the international market after this difficult phase . MP Diya Kumari also mooted for setting up a separate vaccination camp for handicraftsmen.

The virtual meeting included artistes associated with – traditional painting, Pichhwai, sculpting, block print, blue pottery, handmade paper, lac bangles, puppet, Tarakasi, Minakari, wooden carving and theatre. They included Padmashri Tilak Gitai, Shilp Guru Inder Singh Kudrat, National Awardee Ramu Ramdev, Brij Ballabh, Girish Sharma, Babulal Marothia, Gopal Seniramdayal, Awaaz Mo. Tahir, Narayan, Satyanarayan Pandey, Himanshu, Ashok Rahi among other

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