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Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet 2016

Jaipur, November 10. The more than 20,0000 square meter area space that has been earmarked in the GRAM 2016 at the Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre (JECC) as an exhibition area   is attracting large number of farmers who make a beeline to  see the latest innovations not only in agriculture, but also in  the poultry and animal husbandry, post harvest technologies, food processing technologies, farm machineries, implements and allied services. The foot fall on the second day of the GRAM 2016 increased manifolds as the farmers evinced keen interest to know about the various new innovations in irrigation technologies, protected cultivation, organic farming and precision farming.

Apart from a  few pavilions that deal entirely on agriculture advances by various banks and other financial institutions, a special pavilion on startups has also been set up to promote agri entrepreneurship.

Special booths promoting organic farming, herbal and medicinal plants and also poultry have been set up. Interestingly a company promoting the 4G technology in communications is attracting a full house right from the first day and the  farmers are learning about the values of the 4G which is new to the country.

The concept like centre of excellence,micro irrigation technologies,value addition,scientific warehousing all aimed at doubling the farmer’s income are on display in the exhibition area.

The large booth dealing with various aspects of poultry is not only showcasing healthy egg products, but also various products required to maintain a good poultry.

Various stalls are also showcasing fertilizers, organic manure, plasticulture and precision farming through this hydroponics wholesaler uk and solar pumps and solar powered agriculture implements.

There are various stalls that talk about the food processing and how the farmers with low investments can produce healthy farm products in packaged form.

Big names like Reliance, Mahindra & Mahindra, Eicher, Shriram Fertiliser, Venky, John Deere India Pvt Ltd,TAFE, NCDEX, Richfield and a number of  various nationally owned agriculture and food processing industries are all participating in GRAM.

All the state government’s offices, dairies, boards and corporations are also participating in GRAM giving the state much needed awareness among the farmers. All the state agriculture universities are also participating.

The exhibition is also serving as a platform for agri-farms to promote themselves and facilitate joint ventures and set up an environment for all attendees to identify new business opportunities.

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