Curtain Raiser Press Release

In collaboration with Ignite Contemporary Dance Festival and Jodhpur RIFF

Dance Workshops for dance artistes of Jaipur

Jaipur, 17 October: As a part of the programme series of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK), a 4 day music and dance festival will be held from tomorrow. The event will see the best of Ignite and Jodhpur RIFF.

On day one (18 October), there will be Nidravathwam by Nimmy Raphel at 7 pm at Rangayan. On 19 October dance performance ‘Field’ will be presented by Tabea Martin of Switzerland at 7 pm at Rangayan. On the same day dance performance ‘Conditions of Carriage’ will be presented by Preethi Athreya at 8 pm at Madhyavarti.

The last two days will witness performances by artistes of Jodhpur RIFF at 7 pm at Madhyavarti. On 20 October, there will be a musical performance ‘The Ross-Ghewar Ensemble’ by artistes of Greece and Rajasthan and a Slavic and Gypsy Folk performance ‘Sondorgo’ by artistes from Hungary. On 21 October there will be a fusion of Australian Jazz and Rajasthani Folk ‘Maru Tarang’ at 7 pm at Madhyavarti.

The first two days will also have a special workshop as a part of the Ignite Contemporary Dance Festival for the dance artistes of Jaipur. The dance workshops will be conducted by Preethi Athreya and Vinay Kumar at 11 am on 18 and 19 October respectively. Registration for the workshops at JKK’s office is mandatory.

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