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As part of the ongoing month long Summer Training Camp, (Sanskratik Virasat Prashikshan Shivir) a painting workshop is being organised at the City Palace Museum in Jaipur. As many as 150 children are participating in this workshop and learning the art of Miniature Painting. This was informed by the summer camp coordinator, Mr. Ramu Ramdev.

Mr. Ramdev further said that while core theme of the camp is ‘Panigrahan Sanskaar’, the painting workshop is based on a sub theme of ‘Bara Maasa’ i.e the 12 months of a year.  In the camp the children are being taught the ‘Paaramparik Laghu Chitra Chitran’, popularly known as Miniature paintings.  This art form has its roots right from the ancient religious scriptures of Hinduism and Jainism. It carries intricate details and are small in size.

The participants will make paintings based on the festivals and seasons of Rajasthan like ‘Teej’, ‘Gangaur’, ‘Holi’, ‘Saavan’ and others. The paintings will feature how a wife tries to stop her husband from going to work giving an excuse of the approaching festival. Keeping the symmetry and mirror image architecture of City Palace, there will also be an emphasis on ‘mirror’concept in the paintings.

During the initial days of workshop, the participants are being taught the basics of miniature painting and sketching. The following days they will learn about colouring and detailing of the paintings. Apart from Mr. Ramu Ramdev, the facilitators of the workshop are Shyamu Ramdev, Hemant Ramdev, Babulal Marothia and Badrinarayan.

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