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A special student of The Palace School in Jaipur, Aalia, has set an example for everyone by achieving 83 percent in the CBSE Boards 10th-grade (2022-23) examination. The founder of the school, Princess Diya Kumari, congratulated Aalia and her parents for this remarkable achievement. It is to be noted that Aalia has cerebral palsy with multiple disabilities and faces major challenges of visual impairment and eye hand coordination. This makes it difficult for her to write on her own, read from textbooks nor follow what the teacher writes on the board.

The Principal of The Palace School, Ms. Urvashi Warman, said that the teachers and the entire Palace School family are extremely happy with Aalia’s achievement and also wishes her all the success in future too. She mentioned that Aalia joined The Palace School from Grade 1 and since then the entire staff of school has been supportive with her in different ways and means. The school has always encouraged her grit, determination, dedication, and potential.

It is noteworthy that despite all challenges and physical limitations, Aalia has won several medals in the English/Cyber/Science Olympiad she appeared for.

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