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The concluding day of the ‘Mesmerising Meenakari’ online session by Shilpguru Inder Singh Kudrat was held. The session was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Zoom. It showcased how the colours used in ‘Meenakari’ are made, filling metal surfaces with colours and the process of Kundan Meena work. Throughout the session, the master craftsman also showcased different finished pieces featuring ‘Meenakari’, ‘Kundan Meena’ and ‘Polki’ work.

To begin with, the master craftsman showcased how colours are prepared in ‘Meenakari’. He said that if the colour is transparent then by looking at the bottom edge of the colour, one can determine its shade. The colour is placed in a mortar and pestle with purified water and ground to a fine powder. Usually, it is ground for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, the prepared colour is placed in a metal palette. From here the artist picks up the colour and does ‘Meenakari’ work. A needle-like tool is used to apply the colours. Once all the colours are applied, the piece is fired in the kiln. Then a filing tool is used on the piece to level all the colours and bring a natural shine. ‘Desi Meenakari’ uses only natural colours which never go bad. “One should store their ‘Meenakari’ jewellery wrapped in cotton cloth with talcum powder otherwise it can turn black easily”, he said.

Talking about ‘Kundan Meenakari’, he said that Kundan and Meenakari go together. ‘Kundan’ which is setting carefully shaped stones is done on one side and art of colourful enamel work, ‘Meenakari’ is done on the reverse side. First, the skeletal structure of the jewellery piece is made this is called ‘Ghar Banana’. Then, Lac is heated and poured into the crevices, which will hold the gems. He said that ‘Polki’ involves setting uncut diamonds into a jewellery piece. ‘Polki’ can be done with diamond or ‘Pukhraj’ (Yellow Sapphire). The jewellery piece and the back of the stone are slightly heated with a piece of coal. Then pressure is applied to set the stone into the jewellery piece.

On 8 July, ‘Creative Writing’ online session by Mr Sandeep Meel will be held on Zoom at 3 pm. The session will teach the practical process of creative writing as well as key elements of imaginative writing.

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