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MP Diya Kumari has urged the  State Government to provide financial assistance to the media personnel. They are bridging the gap between the Government and public in times of COVID-19 epidemic, she stated. During the  lockdown and curfew, media personnel have been performing their service like a soldier, staying out of their homes and giving us relevant news updates, she added.

In a letter sent to Rajasthan Chief Minister, Shri Ashok Gehlot, on Wednesday, the MP said that it is a serious matter that most media persons employed in newspapers and TV channels have been working on a standard honorarium. Many media persons working in newspapers which are published weekly, fortnightly and at a district-level have had their incomes reduced significantly due to the lockdown and the epidemic. In such a situation, their livelihoods are in crisis. These small newspapers and working journalists of Rajasthan should be provided financial support from the Government till the situation normalises.

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