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The three-day Calligraphy Workshop at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) began on Friday. Around 25 students from different age groups and different fields are participating in this Workshop, which will run till Sunday. Most of the participants in this Workshop conducted by Mrs Manjari Verde of Mumbai stated that they did not know about Calligraphy art and are participating in this Workshop to get knowledge about this art. The Director General of JKK, Mrs. Kiran Soni Gupta and Additional Director General (Technology), Mr. Furkan Khan were also present on the occasion.

Explaining the purpose of the Workshop, Mrs. Kiran Soni Gupta said that various art forms can be kept intact only by sharing art for the next generations.
The main objective of the Jawahar Kala Kendra is to organise Workshops and exhibitions for showcasing art and sharing knowledge. She told the participants that there are endless possibilities in art and that calligraphy has not only an artistic but also an entrepreneur aspect.

On this occasion, the Workshop mentor, Mrs Manjari Verde, gave information about her artistic works through the presentation. She said that she works on calligraphy based on the mantras and shlokas contained in the Indian Vedas. They have tremendous energy. She said that during this Workshop, participants will be taught to convert Sanskrit shlokas, mantras and aesthetics of couplets into visual format

It is noteworthy that participants in the Calligraphy Workshop will also be given information about ‘Om Akshar’ fonts that looks like Devanagari. This font is created by Manjari combining English script. Through this font, a mixture of antiquity and modernity in one frame gives the impression of being historical. All materials required for the Workshop were provided by JKK.

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