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The new energy paradigm presents a new opportunity for MSMEs to work in areas of improving energy efficiency. This was stated by CMD, Rajasthan Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd. & Chairman, Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd., Rajasthan, Mr. T. Ravikant today at the Inaugural Session of the 5th Edition of the CII ‘Conference On Profitability Through Energy Conservation & Efficiency’. He also said that to increase energy conservation and efficiency it is imperative to conduct baseline surveys and periodic regional auditing, seek the collaboration of energy service companies and introduce strategies of creative financing in the energy sector. He also offered his co-operation and expertise as the CMD of RVPLN to CII in the energy sector to enhance energy efficiency practices to reduce carbon emissions in the state.

The CMD further shared that in 2021, the state of Rajasthan produced 5000 megawatt of solar power and the state’s production capacity is estimated to increase to 8000 megawatt of renewable energy.

Executive Director, DCM Shriram Ltd., Mr. Prem Das said that energy efficiency is a matter of global survival in the present times and must be treated wi9th such urgency. Energy prices are at an all time high and climate change from carbon emissions is a real threat hence, saving energy is the most effective way to save carbon. He also said that Rajasthan is blessed in terms of its solar energy production capacity. In his address, Mr. Das emphasized that companies must develop an efficiency focused mindset in order to find viable solutions in the field.

At the session, Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Energy India Mr. Akirul Rehman said that every individual as well as entity today is a ‘Prosumer (Producer+ Consumer)’ of energy today and must operate with that awareness. Even individuals and not just big corporations can contribute to energy efficiency and conservation by harnessing renewable energy by means of setting up solar panels, for example, and storing and selling the excess energy to areas where there is greater demand. In this way, everyone is not just a consumer but also a producer of energy. He also mentioned that this area provides great profit potential for MSMEs.  

The session was conducted by Managing Director & Group CEO, Secure Meters Ltd., Mr. Suket Singhal. He spoke about the crucial need for energy conservation and efficiency in the present times and highlighted that several keeping in might the increasing cost of energy, the government is to put in place a more strategic regulatory and legislative framework which also reflects the global policies like the Paris Climate Conference 2021 on renewable energy.

Chairman, CII, Rajasthan, Mr. Gaurav Rungta in his welcome address said that there are close to 63 million MSMEs in India and a majority of them have not adopted any energy efficiency practices. He said that it is of utmost importance to adopt effective energy saving practices in the large number of MSMEs in the country. This will make the units more competitive and increase their profitability as well. Such units must adopt energy audits on a regular basis. He appreciated the Government of Rajasthan for having taken concerted steps to increase the availability of solar and wind power. Lastly, he also invited the participants to attend the ‘Invest Rajasthan Summit’ scheduled to be held in Jaipur on October 7-8, 2022.

Plenary Session 1: Making future ready organisations: competitiveness, technology and financing options available to MSMEs

In the Plenary Session, the conference panel and participants were also joined, via video conference, by CEO, Zen Energy, Australia Mr. Anthony Garnaut, and Director, Quimera Energy Ltd., U.K., Mr. John Chambers.

Mr. Garnaut shared the efforts and methods of Zen Energy to help corporations and individuals to reduce their energy consumption with the goal of creating a zero-carbon world. Among other services, they provide free analysis to their clients on potential savings when switching to renewable sources of energy. He also shared their unique initiative od Solar Schools in Australia where the large available spaces of school infrastructure are utilized to install solar panels and battery installations which not only creates renewable power but engages and educates children to learn about sustainability with real-time data.

Quiemera Energy Ltd., as introduced by Mr. Chambers is a smart building high tech company, helping the hospitality sector to adopt energy efficiency technology and practices. Mr. Chambers shared that presently 38% of carbon emissions come from buildings. According to estimates the energy demands are expected to triple in the next decade and renewable energy is the way forward.

The other speakers at the session were Vice President, Blue Star Limited, Mr. Senthil Thangam; Professor, BITS Pilani, Prof. Mani Shankar Dasgupta; Technical Sales Manager, Vishay Components India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Siva Kotaru.

Plenary Session 2: Changing Rajasthan’s Energy System

In this session, the speakers discussed the proactive role of Rajasthan in delivering India’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.

The session was chaired by, Co-convenor, CII Panel on Energy and Water, Mr. Saurabh Bhandari and the speakers were Head, Tata Power Trading Company Limited, Mr. Amit Jain; Associate Vice President, Jakson Group, Mr. Vikas Arya; Partner, KPMG, Mr. Vikas Gaba; Country Manager, Thales, Mr. Jitendra Sandhu, Vice President – Jaipur, JCB India Ltd., Mr. Ajay Patil; CEO, Utilita Energy (South Hampton), Mr. Bill Bullen and CEO, Octopus Hydrogen, Mr. William Rowe. Conference was well attended by more than 275 participants.

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