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The number of products and services have exploded in the last 10 years in comparison, the money that people have has not exploded in the same proportion. The gem and jewellery industry is no longer just fighting within categories. A 10,000-Rupee watch is now fighting with 12,000-Rupee Airpods. Similarly, a 2-lakh-Rupee necklace is fighting with a holiday in Bangkok for a family of 4. The industry needs to think about how much it is in connect with the women it serves. They need to understand how the women are evolving and what she is expecting from her jewellery. This was stated by Managing Director, Titan Group, Mr. C.K. Venkataraman. He was addressing the inaugural ceremony as the Chief Guest at the 16th Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) being held in JECC.

He further said that the industry also needs to reflect upon how the marriages are impacting women’s jewellery tastes. The bride wants to buy jewellery she can wear beyond just marriage functions. She wants to be able to complement jewellery with casual outfits as well. The need of the hour is to contemporise jewellery not only for the modern young women but also the modern older women.

The Guest of Honour on the occasion, Chairman of Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), Mr. Pramod Agarwal said that in about 20 days Jaipur will be inaugurating India’s largest gem testing laboratory in Sitapura. By uplifting our workers and promoting the interests of the artisans we can witness further growth in this industry. The council has been working with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to set up a Common Facility Centre (CFC) in Jaipur to help bring out the talent of the artisans.

Similarly, Guest of Honour, Chairman, All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), Mr. Anantha Padmanabhan said that the high custom duty of gold at 12.5% has led to smuggling around the country for which the Government needs to be made aware. The industry needs to come together to stop smuggling and reduce the customs duty to 6%. The government is willing to reduce the customs duty but the trade bodies of the industry need to come together and give their suggestions.

Chairman of JJS, Mr. Vimal Chand Surana said that Jaipur has always been the focal point for JJS. Keeping this in mind different stones and jewellery items have been proactively promoted as a theme. This year’s theme ‘Inspire to Create a Fashion Statement’ aims to showcase individual sense of style and beliefs through a striking collection of dazzling gems and jewellery.

Talking elaborately about ‘The December Show’, Secretary of JJS, Mr. Rajiv Jain said that this year the show is hosting 825 booths in 2 lakh sq. ft area. Over 500 top retailers are attending the show. JJS as a show maintains its uniqueness with 72% designer booths. Not only is this, as a new feature, India’s Largest Curated Jewellery & Style Destination – Indology live from JJS 2019.

The inaugural ceremony was moderated by Media Coordinator of JJS, Mr. Ajay Kala. The show was inaugurated by lighting the lamp and cutting of the ribbon by the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and other dignitaries. Also, on the occasion a MoU was signed between GJC and JJS by Mr. Anantha Padmanabhan and Mr. Rajiv Jain. The JJS Show Guide was also released which is a significant document containing details of JJS participants.

The programme concluded with the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and other dignitaries talking a walk around of the entire show.

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