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INIFD Jaipur’s Annual Designer Display 2023 ‘Dhaaga’ concluded on Sunday at Rajasthan International Center (RIC) on the theme ‘Rajasthan In My Soul’. In this designer display, students showcased handicrafts from their collection, depicting the historical monuments and heritage of Rajasthan. Creative designs of students that have been showcased at the prestigious events in New York, London and Lakme Fashion Weeks were also showcased during the show. The show showcased various collections like ‘Reflection of Purity’, ‘One Night in Thar’, ‘Feeling Digitally Blue’, ‘Traditionally Global’, ‘Rudali Goths’, ‘Blushing Breeze’, ‘Mahri Rajasthani Dhani’, etc. The Chairperson of Kamla Poddar Group (KPG), Kamla Poddar, Abhishek Poddar and Roma Poddar were present during the event. The Chief Guest for the event was CEO, First India, Dr Jagdeesh Chandra.

The event also paid tribute to the internationally renowned Rajasthani poet, Late Shri Kanhaiyalal Sethia by showcasing an entire collection of sarees along with digitally printed poems. National and international artists, Mr Ashok Rahi, Mr Brij Ballabh Udaiwal, Dr Chinmay Mehata, Padmashre Gulabo (Sapera), Padmashre Ram Kishore Darewala, Padmashre Shakir Ali, Padmashree Tilak Gitayi, Mr Vidhyasagar Upadhayay, Mr Hemant Trivedi, Mr Ram Gopal Saini, Ms Triptee Pandey and Mr Vinod Bharadwaj were honoured with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the event.

Eminent artist Gulabo (Sapera) along with her daughters and granddaughters also gave a beautiful dance performance on the occasion.

The costumes designed by students featured “Gotta, Thikri, Katdana, Rogan art, Applique work along with Ombre dye, Daabu and Block print”, Phad and Blue Pottery. Fabrics like “Khadi, Malmal, Cotton Cambric, Georgette” etc. The collections were designed under the guidance of India’s internationally trained fashion designer, Mr Hemant Trivedi.

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