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Children of  ‘RAYS – Aasha ki ek Kiran’ NGO visited Anganwadi centres to interact with them. They also distributed food packets to the children in these Anganwadi centres, which were sponsored by Chand Parkash Santosh Mehra Public Charitable Trust. The aim of these visits and interaction was to inculcate the joy of giving.

Secretary, ‘RAYS – Aasha ki ek Kiran’, Captain Gurinder Virk said, “We at RAYS believe in upbringing our kids with values and traditions. It’s very important to learn the art of giving.” He also shared that they will continue with such visits every month with the other kids of RAYS.

‘RAYS – Aasha ki ek Kiran’ was founded in 2010, with a vision of changing the social perspective towards HIV+ people, especially children. Its vision is to work and strive towards an all inclusive society that does not discriminate against HIV+ people, rather cares for them, tends to them as their own,  especially children who are the most vulnerable and are the most deeply affected by this social stigma created and propagated by misinformed few.

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