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Principals from around 100 schools from Rajasthan and nearby States brainstormed today on preparing the students for higher education. The occasion was the “Principals’ Summit 2019” held at the Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). The theme given was: “Grooming of School Students for Modern University Education”

Forming different groups of 5 teachers each – the participants discussed threadbare how best a student could equip himself to face the challenges of higher education. Among the suggestions given were more focus on experiential learning for the students of classes 11 and 12. Hands on experiences were important for them as were soft skills, it was felt. There is a need to make them logical and critical thinkers. The higher education they discussed required for a student to be ‘smart’ in terms of developing physical quotient (pq) as well as becoming adept at multi-tasking. A Test Prep Toolkit might come handy and make it easier for students to prepare.

Earlier, the President of MUJ, Dr G.K. Prabhu said it was the need of the hour for the students to choose the correct stream of learning for which they had an aptitude. There should be fun in learning. Learning by rote must be discouraged, while experiential learning needed to be encouraged. The MUJ, he said, gave an annual scholarship of Rs 3 crores for which 400 students availed the benefit. A university must be multi-disciplinary.

The Registrar of MUJ, Dr Ravishankar Kamath said that as many as 9000 students were currently studying in MUJ with a faculty of 500 staff members. Later, concluding remarks were given by Officiating Dean FoE, Prof. G.L. Sharma, and vote of thanks was delivered by Provost and Convener Pricipals, Summit 2019 Prof. R.C. Gaur.

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