Press Release

The poetry anthology entitled ‘My Epitaph’ was released at the Stow Club, Mayo College at a book session. Book was released by Chairman of the Mayo College Boys Committee, Mr Randhir Vikram Singh; Director of Mayo College, Lt Gen Surendra Kulkarni; President of Mayo College OBS, Col. Bhawani Singh; Former English teacher of Mayo College, Mr Suresh Mathur and Author of the book, Mr Jagdeep Singh.

Jagdeep Singh, who is an alumnus of Mayo College was in discussion with Smita Chandela. Wide ranging aspects of the poetry like the vicissitudes of life, pangs of love, inevitability of death, struggle to write poetry, etc were discussed. One special feature of this compilation is the poems on some literary figures like Sylvia Plath, Hamlet, Hemmingway and on Yossarian, who is the protagonist of the novel ‘Catch – 22’. 

Later, there was a question and answer session by the audience. The book event was attended by the students and English faculty of Mayo College and literature and poetry lovers of the city of Ajmer. 

Later, the author signed the copies of the books.

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