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Princess Diya Kumari Foundation(PDKF) will soon be launching the ‘PDKF Store’ at the City Palace, Jaipur. The PDKF outlet and online store will showcase the work of the women artisans trained at the foundation, to a global audience. It is a contemporary adaptation of traditional crafts of Rajasthan. The collection has been designed by the daughter of Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur, Princess Gauravi Kumari and French designer, Claire Deroo.

Princess Gauravi Kumari said: “ PDKF was started by my mother in 2013. I grew up being inspired by her working towards women empowerment. The PDKF store will not only enhance the brand of PDKF but also engage and help more women in Rajasthan and across the country by expanding the reach of the foundation. The women of PDKF are making exquisite products, which is a true reflection of Rajasthan, its culture and heritage crafts. I have used what I have learned, over the past years while at university and travelling, to nurture their design sensibilities. The brand is an elegant and beautiful adaptation of traditional Rajasthani heritage motifs mixed with contemporary design sensibilities, on a global level.”

The idea of the designers is to create trendy with traditional. The foundation trains women on heritage and traditional craft techniques like Gotapatti, thread work, appliqué, block printing etc. The collection will range from garments to accessories and will mainly feature the old techniques with modern designs.

Princess Diya Kumari Foundation has been working for over 7 years for the empowerment of disadvantaged women and girls in the rural areas of Rajasthan. PDKF works in 5 centres across Rajasthan and the core program areas are skill building & livelihoods, girls’ education, financial and digital literacy and health & hygiene.

The objective of the PDKF Store is to promote and enhance the skills of the women artisans at PDKF. This initiative will provide their competence with an international platform and pave ways for their economic and overall empowerment.

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