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Viewers learned the basics of the ‘Usta’ art style in an online session ‘Usta Art’ by artist, Mr Niyaz Usta. The session was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Zoom and broadcasted live on their Facebook page. It focused on the history of ‘Usta Art’, types of the art style, drawing and painting techniques.

Introducing the history of ‘Usta Art’, the artist said that this art form came from Iran. Then it travelled from Multan to Delhi to Bikaner. Maharaja Rai Singh who ruled from 1571 AD to 1611 AD of Bikaner brought Usta artists from the Mughal Court of Emperor Akbar the Great. Various forms of ‘Usta Art’ include miniature painting, murals and handicraft (Sunahari Munwwatti Kalam). Following this, he showcased examples of Bikaneri Style Miniature Paintings, Murals and ‘Sunahari Munwwatti Kalam’ on ‘Jharokhas’, wall panels and photo frames. He said that ‘Usta’ art can be done on a wooden, glass or using any other hard surface base.

He demonstrated the drawing techniques of ‘Usta Art’ by sketching a design using tracing paper and pencil. After this, he traced the design on other sections of the tracing paper to complete the drawing. Then, using a needle he made holes along the sketched lines of the design and then transferred the design onto paper. Similarly, he showcased the painting techniques of ‘Usta Art’. He used a paste made from soil dust (Mati ke Burade) to fill in the design. “In ‘Usta Art’ painting must be done very patiently as it is very delicate work and the colour should not go outside the lines”, he said.

Tomorrow, 27 July, will be the concluding day of the ‘Usta Art’ online session by artist, Mr Niyaz Usta on Zoom and JKK’s Facebook page at 3 pm. The artist will complete the painting he began in the previous session.

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