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 Viewers delved deeper into learning the intricate art form on the concluding day of the ‘Usta Art’ online session by artist, Mr Niyaz Usta today. The session was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Zoom and broadcasted live on their Facebook page. It focused on colouring the embossed design prepared the previous day with gold foil and colour. Throughout the workshop, the artist also shared various tips and tricks.

Mr Usta said that after embossing the design, with a paste of soil dust and Arabic gum, it was painted in different layers. First with yellow colour, then orange and lastly using real gold foil. Following this, he demonstrated detailing work using ‘Kajal’ mixed with water. He used a fine tip brush and delicately outlined the outer boundary of the design. He used the back of his hand as a palette and kept diluting the colour when it got dry. By using a small piece of paper, he covered the part of the artwork which was not being detailed to protect it. “The detailing work requires a lot of patience and has to be done very slowly by the artist. One needs to hold their breath when working. In case of any mistake, water on the brush can be used to remedy it”, he said.

Following this, the artist added colour to the background of the design and saved the detailing work. He used red colour to fill the gaps between the embossed design. He said that colours like green, blue, white or any other colour preferred by the artist can be used to paint the background. It should be coloured in such a manner that the detailed work stands out. After the background dries, a coat of varnish can be painted to finish the art work.

On Friday, 30 July, the online session ‘Art Conservation’ will be conducted by art conservator, Ms Maimuna Nargis on Zoom and JKK’s Facebook page at 3 pm. The session will focus on teaching the practical techniques to conserve artwork.

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