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‘Mauka’ is a digital platform that acts as a bridge between student volunteers and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) across India. It has mobilized over 1,100 students to volunteer, empowering them to engage in community service through partnerships with 33+ NGOs, positively impacting thousands across India. This digital platform has been developed by Rakshay Jain and Parth Jain, students of Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur.

Mauka’s founders, Rakshay Jain and Parth Jain, said that ‘Mauka’, launched in January 2023, initially focused on teaching art, dance, and music skills to underprivileged children, and is now broadening its volunteering opportunities with their website and app. They also informed that the ‘Mauka Movement’ empowers students across India to bring the app’s efficient systems to their cities, fostering leadership among passionate community service enthusiasts and scaling Mauka’s impact nationally. Students can volunteer in various fields or propose new initiatives, with notifications via email, app, and website dashboard.

Giving more details about the opportunity, they said that students can easily create a profile on, while NGOs have to sign up, after which they can verify themselves and post various opportunities through the mobile app. This streamlined process takes less than 30 seconds. Through this digital platform, students can get information about community service opportunities and connect with NGOs without any hindrance.

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