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The ongoing ‘Nrityam…Gharane Kathak Ke’, being held as a part of the cultural activities of Jawahar Kala Kendra, witnessed the ’Nartan Sarwaswam’ performance prepared under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mandavi Singh. Based on the book written by the King of Raigarh, Chakradhar Singh, the dance and drama in ‘Nartan Sarwaswam’ presented the beauty and ‘Navras’ of the nature. The Additional Director General (ADG), JKK, Mr. Furqan Khan was present on the occasion.

The artistes spellbound the audience through their wonderful performance of ‘Thumri’, ‘Dadra’, and ‘Ghazals’. The special performances of Raigarh Gharana like,’Dal Badal’,’Gaj Bilas’ and ‘Indrajat’,  among others were also presented on the occasion. The event began with a performance of Bandish, ‘Chaman Mai Kaha Aisi Rangat, Ye Nahak Fulon Ko Sajaye Hue Hai…’. The artistes presented various other creations during the programme.

The programme was choreographed by Prof. Dr. Mandavi Singh and Devjyoti. The dancers were Samrat Chaudhary, Sumedha Gupta, Manjri Bakhshi, Mili Verma and Lovely Roy. The accompanying artistes were Garima (Vocals), Jayprakash Sahu (Tabla), Sugam (Keyboard), Dasun (Sitar)and Bihari (Bansuri). The lighting was managed by Dinesh Pradhan.


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