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Jaipur’s Professor Ratna Verma of IIHMR University represented India as a fellow strategist in ‘Empowering Youth for Engaged Society (EYES) for Embracing Diversity Programme’ held at Jakarta in Indonesia. In the 5-day EYES programme strategists from Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Philippine participated among others.

EYES is a programme that aims at “Building stronger bonds among Asia”. The programme attempts to create a society where people respect diversity. It also aims to understand the existing diversity in Asia and to cultivate the human resources to advance the concept of multicultural symbiosis.

Ratna Verma said that the Japan Foundation Asia Centre carried out this unique collaborative project in Southeast Asia. She further added that the strategists are working towards an inclusive society in which people with different religion, ethnicity, gender, or people with disabilities can live together.

The participants mutually learnt the common issues of diversity, human migration and tolerance in their respective countries and proposed possible solutions to those challenges.


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