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On the occasion of National France Day (14 July), the iconic Albert Hall in Jaipur was adorned with the vibrant colours of the National Flag of France. The magnificent monument was illuminated at 7:30 pm, casting a mesmerizing glow that continued throughout the night. This remarkable event marked the first time a monument in Rajasthan was illuminated in celebration of National France Day.

The initiative to illuminate Albert Hall was undertaken by Alliance Française Jaipur, Jaipur Virasat Foundation, and the French Institute in India, with the support of the Department of Archaeology, Government of Rajasthan. This collective effort aims to promote the French language, education, and culture in Rajasthan, forging stronger cultural ties between France and India.

Speaking about the occasion, President, Alliance Française Jaipur, Professor Toolika Gupta, expressed her delight, stating, “India is the country of honour this year in France for the celebrations, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi serves as the special guest in Paris on 14 July. This symbolizes the enduring friendship between France and India.”

Director, Jaipur Virasat Foundation, Rakshat Hooja, emphasized the significance of cultural exchange and Jaipur’s rich heritage, saying, “The illumination of Albert Hall on National France Day showcases the profound cultural exchange between France and Jaipur. Jaipur is renowned for its cultural richness and heritage, making it an ideal destination for fostering such collaborations. This event exemplifies the essence of cultural diversity and reinforces the bond between our two nations.”

Director, Alliance Française Jaipur, Sanjana Sarkar said that we are dedicated to bringing the richness of French language education and culture to of Rajasthan. We firmly believe in fostering cross-cultural exchange and providing opportunities for the people of Rajasthan to explore the beauty of the French language and heritage. Starting from September, there will be a series of captivating musical performances, mesmerizing circus acts,  digital showcases, wall art installations and literary events etc.

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