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Renowned Pastry Chef from Jaipur, Tejasvi Chandela, has won the prestigious ‘Pastry Talent Of The Year Award’ by La Liste, Paris. Based on the compilation of thousands of publications, hundreds of guidebooks, and millions of online reviews, La Liste offers the world’s best restaurant and hotel selection for restaurants, pastry shops, and hotels. She received this award recently in Paris. This is the first time that any pastry chef in India has received this award.

While addressing a press conference today in Jaipur, an elated Tejasvi said, “I am delighted to have received this prestigious award and share a platform with many renowned chefs. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to take Pink City on the global culinary map. The traditional sweets of our city like Ghevar, Bundi, Mohan thaal etc. are extremely complex to make and my uniqueness lies in culminating this tradition with the extensive knowledge of pastry I have gathered over the years.”

Also present on the occasion were Director, EPGB School, Olivier Fernandez Obiols, Professor, EPGB School, Melissa Ackerman – and Editor- in-Chief, So Good Magazine Carlos Barrachina. On the occasion Olivier said that the Pink City should recognize this as a matter of pride to have one of the top pastry chefs of the world in the city. Carlos Barrachina informed that the So Good Magazine features the best pastry chefs from across the world and Tejasvi has been recently featured because of her unique work in the industry. Melissa said that Tejasvi’s work showcases the charm of Jaipur with the precision of the world of pastry.

Renowned for her exceptional mastery in the dynamic intersection of Indian and modern pastry, Chef Tejasvi Chandela has ingeniously carved a niche for herself within the world of pastry. Her journey commenced with a strong educational foundation at the illustrious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris post which she established Dzurt Patisserie & Cafe, a ground breaking venture that marked her entrepreneurial debut at a mere 22 years of age.

Situated in the vibrant city of Jaipur, Dzurt Patisserie & Cafe achieved distinction as the city’s first standalone French patisserie. Chef Chandela’s remarkable achievements have catapulted her into the upper echelons of pastry and chocolate expertise, elevating her to being one of the top pastry chefs in India.

She seeks inspiration from local and indigenous ingredients, traditional Indian mithai walas and their unique methods and fuses it all with modern pastry techniques to create innovative pastries.

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