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Indian Birding fair celebrates two decades


Jaipur, 8 February:  The 20th edition of Indian Birding fair will be celebrated on 9 and 10 February from 9 am to 1pm at Man Sagar Lake. The fair, which primarily aims to promote bird watching and nature conservation, has been organised by the Tourism and Wildlife Society of India (TWSI). This was informed by Honorary Secretary of TWSI, Mr Harsh Vardhan.


He further informed that, facilities will be available in terms of binoculars for a large number of visiting school children to observe the birds at the water body. The fair will also witness sessions on Drawing, Bird Migration, Elephants, Lake Restoration, Solid Waste Disposal as well as interaction with global conservation experts. Each birding fair has been dedicated to a nature conservation theme. This time the chosen theme is ‘Fair Approach to Conservation’. The organizer of the British Bird Watching Fair, Dr. Tim Appleton will also be participating in the Indian Birding Fair, he said.


The fair strives to bring together individuals, students and organizations to work towards the mutual goal of nature conservation, sustainable living and building awareness through education and organized activities. The fair has also mobilized efforts for ecological restoration and creating a conservation constituency in the state. The initiative has also led to the restoration of the earlier stinking Man Sagar Lake to its current clean condition.

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