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India has emerged as one of the pioneering nations with the production of vaccines as well as by administering over one billion vaccinations in record time. This is especially commendable considering that 17.7% of the world’s population lives in India. This was stated by MP Rajsamand, Diya Kumari at the 143rd Assembly of Inter Parliamentary Union being held at Madrid in Spain.

Highlighting India’s efforts and achievements in vaccination production, Diya Kumari added that our vaccine production is not only for domestic production of Covid-19 vaccines but also for their distribution in countries that cannot afford to buy expensive vaccines from the Western world.  India has as many as 7 approved vaccines and 13 vaccines are under trial. So far India has supplied more than 70 million doses to 93 countries and two UN entities and the supplies to COVAX and partner countries will steadily increase in the coming months.

The MP further said that the vaccine development programme needs collaborative efforts and in order to strengthen supply chains and make affordable vaccines available for the Global South, the WTO needs to resolve the IP-waiver issues under consideration.

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