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On the occasion of World Hypertension Day, a ‘Hypertension Awareness Camp’ was organised at IIHMR University yesterday. As many as 200 members of staff and faculty of the University participated in this camp.

The participants had the opportunity to measure their blood pressure (BP) and check their weight. Other than this they were also handed out an informative pamphlet containing information on hypertension – symptoms, prevention and management. The objective of the camp was to make people aware of this cardiovascular disease, which kills 2.6 lakh people in India every year.

President, IIHMR-U, Dr. P.R. Sodani said that IIHMR-U being a pioneer Health management, Research and Education University, has taken this initiative to promote the health and well-being of its staff. Hypertension is can be a silent killer when left untreated. Through regular screening and check-ups the disease can be monitored and through lifestyle correction and behavioural change it can be prevented and treated with the help of a healthcare providers.

On the occasion, MBBS, M.D. (Physician), Dr. G.D. Ghiya who conducted the check-ups said that Hypertension is a silent killer, which means that it is a disease that kills without any symptoms. It is important to get your BP checked regularly and consult your doctor. Other lifestyle habits like walking daily, reducing fat from your diet and improving your posture can help prevent chances of high BP.

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