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 In the Leadership Webinar Series ‘Education for Generation Z’ of Manipal University Jaipur on Saturday, author Amish Tripathi spoke about his latest book “Legend of Suheldev – The King Who Saved India” published last midnight. Amish, who popularized mythological characters among the youth through his Shiva and Rama trilogy, told how King Suheldev united all castes, sects, and princely states and threw the Turk invaders out of the country. That is why they could not dare to invade India for 150 years. Pointing towards China, he said that Suheldev’s descendants are ready to teach the invaders a lesson again.
MUJ President Prof. G. K. Prabhu said that Manipal University Jaipur is a confluence of science and art. The emphasis is laid on new technology at MUJ and media students are also setting precedents by their success. MUJ Registrar Prof. Ravi Shankar Kamath welcomed the guests and introduced Amish by praising his writing. The program was conducted effectively by Doordarshan anchor Punit Sharma and Dr. Ashima Bagadia of MUJ. Director of Media Department Prof. Amitabh Srivastava delivered the vote of thanks.
Amish Tripathi, Director of the Nehru Center, London, said that today is not the time for the youth to listen only to the heart or the mind. Just by listening to the mind, life will be boring and if you listen to the heart, then there will be many problems and challenges in life. This is the time to make right balance between heart and mind.
Amish Tripathi, the chief guest at the Leadership Webinar Series, deliberated that literature teaches us how to stay connected with your roots. If you break away from culture, your existence will end, culture must be connected to maintain existence, and this is the reason why India’s civilization and culture are still alive today. He also said that one of the main reasons for Indian culture to live and live in our stories, which keep the new generation connected to the old. Amish also highlighted that it is said that women do not get as much respect as is written in our texts. If we see today’s women, our ancestors will be sad. Perhaps this is the reason why he had tried to show Sita and Parvati as a warrior in his literature. He suggested that whatever you say, speak with love. If truth is spoken with love, people will listen, otherwise, that truth will not get any importance.
Faculty of MUJ, officials, and students along with their parents were present in the webinar.

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