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On the occasion of Independence Day, the Gyanjee Charitable Foundation embarked on a commendable mission to show gratitude to the dedicated delivery executives of platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. A total of 250 delivery executives were able to benefit in terms of complimentary food, water and tea from this gesture of goodwill.

“These unsung heroes tirelessly toil around the clock to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of orders to people’s doorsteps. The essence of this initiative lies in providing sustenance and refreshment to these hardworking delivery professionals. Gyanjee Charitable Foundation has taken the initiative to offer complimentary meals, tea, and water to these delivery executives, acknowledging their relentless efforts and dedication”, said Divolka Sharma, Director, Gyanjee Charitable Foundation.

Encouraged by the success of this endeavour, the Gyanjee Charitable Foundation is committed to carrying forward this noble initiative. Their goal is to extend this support to delivery executives every week, encompassing various areas across the city.

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